Chicago Police's New Patrol Vehicle
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March 22, 2018

<p><em>Photo courtesy of Zero Motorcycles.</em></p> What’s New in Police Motorcycles?
For the 2018 model year, fleets have several motorcycle models to choose from. Here are the newest models available, and some insight from a dealer on what fleets should look for when choosing a motorcycle.
Chicago Police's New Patrol Vehicle

The Chicago Police Department unveiled its next-generation police vehicle at the Chicago Auto Show in February. The Ford Police Interceptor Utility features cutting-edge technology and an all-new design, created by a Chicago police officer.

<p><em>Photo of a police car via Pixabay</em></p> N.Y. Municipality to Replace 54 Vehicles
The City of Albany, N.Y.. approved $1.3 million to purchase 54 new vehicles for its Police Department. Albany PD's cars have a life cycle of about four years.
<p><em>Photo of a helicopter via Pixabay</em></p> Phoenix PD May Replace Aerial Unit's Aircraft
The Phoenix Police Department’s Aerial Unit’s fleet maintenance costs are rising due to the agency’s aging aircraft, procured between 1979 and 2010.
CalAmp - Smart VehicleTechnology
CalAmp's Smart Vehicle Technology and GovOutlook provide direct access to a real-time vehicle area network.
<p><em>Photo&nbsp;courtesy of Rockland Custom Cabinets</em></p> Rockland Custom Products - RockSolid WD Series
The Rockland line is designed to deliver custom, secure, practical, functional, and innovative products at an affordable price.
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