Texas Sheriff to Purchase Used Patrol Vehicles
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January 11, 2018

<p>Drones are useful for searches, reconnaisance, photographing crime scenes, and limited surveillance. <em>Photo: Michael Hamann</em></p> How to Implement and Justify a Drone Program
Unmanned aircraft can perform a variety of critical law enforcement missions; just make sure you have community support and federal permission.
<p><em>Photo via Pixabay</em></p> Texas Sheriff to Purchase Used Patrol Vehicles
The San Jacinto County (Texas) Sheriff's Office is purchasing used police vehicles to replace its aged fleet — some vehicles on the road have 300,000 miles on them.
<p><em>Photo via <a href="https://www.flickr.com/photos/82134796@N03/34732214853/in/photolist-UVaFqz-8S7EEW-h4qHRC-v5wNMr-VCm1Mq-oyb9Nz-dwJteK-VWapYs-qxeLAk-6MpNSF-9Jg7bA-iBLaoR-W6HFxK-fvhXkc-dwPZfs-fvxeLj-dwQ1nU-XaUtUH-qxeLva-ougtfs-oYNEXd-ksvoYc-VPruWd-HaAT4-WLXkHm-XaUp1K-X8sA6q-Yc7SGu-UREuGY-ksvhoP-fgoDd5-3L1wzj-9JdnFX-bvASL1-ebDHXA-kswN6d-qxkRB1-6mVV82-WPkWsF-8MRn9e-W6HG3x-foWRwt-W6HFKP-8S4xRp-35VLM9-6mVv6X-8S4ydD-J8Y5A3-ZkuRvy-8S8AYs">Denisbin</a>/Flickr</em></p> New York State Deploys Its First Police Drones
The State of New York has launched an unmanned aerial system program for its state police. The first four drones will be put into service this month, and by April 2018, an additional 14 aerial drones will be deployed.
<p><em>Photo via Pixabay</em></p> Baton Rouge’s New Police Chief Plans for New Vehicles, More Technology
Baton Rouge, La., Police Department’s new chief announced plans to adopt new technology and purchase 78 new vehicles to supplement an aging fleet.
MSAB - Mobile Forensic Ecosystem
MSAB has expanded its Mobile Forensic Ecosystem solution, allowing agencies to extract and analyze data from mobile devices and transmit data to a forensic lab or headquarters location for analysis.
Ekin - Patrol G2 Light Bar Camera System
The Patrol G2 system is installed on a vehicle and employs mobile automated license plate recognition (ALPR), facial recognition, and speed and parking violation technology.
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